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Biochemistry Lab

Biochemistry Lab- A Murder and a Meal

This week my students enjoyed a fun biochemistry lab where they had to examine the stomach contents of a victim to determine where the victim had his last meal. Through this investigations students practiced procedure writing, lab safety and used chemical indicators to test for carbohydrates (glucose and starch), lipids and proteins.

Biochemistry Lab

Biochemistry Lab Resources

Biochemistry Lab Presentation

Biochemistry Lab (adapted from: Lesson adapted from Camron J. Stanley 2008


Macromolecule Activty

Macromolecule Sidewalk Chalk Activity

This week as the students were learning about macromolucules I decided to do something a little different to get students outside on a beautiful day. I thought it would be fun to have students create sidewalk chalk drawings of macromolecules instead of doing a poster. The students loved this activity. I even saw other students who were not in a Biology class posing and taking pictures with the designs after school.

Biochemistry Sidewalk Chalk
Biochemistry Sidewalk Chalk

Macromolecule Activity Handout for this Lesson (Click Here)

New Meaning to a Gallery Walk!
A true gallery walk!


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Macromolecule Graphic Organizer

Macromolecule Graphic Organizer

One of my favorite units to teach is on macromolecules. When I introduce this topic I use this macromolecule graphic organizer to help students organize the information.

Click Here to Get your Macromolecule Graphic Organizer
Click Here to Get your Macromolecule Graphic Organizer


After introducing this concept I use one of my hands-on biochemistry boxing activities that I created and have for sale on Teachers Pay Teacher (4 Star rating!). I have several different activities that I use with the lesson. You can get the lesson plan (and others) and printable boxes free by signing up here. You will be emailed a link to the biochemistry boxing activity lesson plan and receive weekly post updates . The lesson plan includes:
-5 printable boxes and instructions for 3 games/activities.
-Score Cards
-Biochemistry Boxing Answer Key
-Macromolecule organizer – graphic organizer.
-4 exit tickets
-detailed lesson plans for 5-7 (50 min classes) days of instruction.

Boxing Collage 2


You will also get access to my printable cell organelle boxing activity and my lab report rubric and guide. Enjoy!

Vocabulary and a Beach Ball

One of the biggest challenges for teaching biology is helping students learn the vocabulary that is foreign to them. I took to a beach ball to assess what the students knew about each of the macromolecules. Anytime you can get  a part of the beach into your classroom you need to take advantage of it.  This activity works great to supplement the Biochemistry Boxing Activity that you can get free here by signing up for email updates. To do this activity you will need a beach ball and a dry erase marker. Write the names of the macromolecules or any vocabulary terms on each section of the beach ball. Toss the ball to the students and when they catch it they look to see where their right thumb lands and say the definition of the word their thumb landed on. I then have the students throw the ball back to me to prevent them from being tempted to bounce it off their classmates heads. Participation is 100% and it allow me to assess their knowledge of the vocabulary. If a students thumb lands on wild they get to pick the vocabulary term. The kids did not want to stop this activity. Beach Ball Warm Up closure

Interactive Notebook

The interactive notebook has been a great teaching tool for me for the last few years. The Interactive Science Notebook (INB) is a learning tool that involves an “input” (right side) of teacher’s notes and handouts. It also include an  “output”  section (left side) that allows students to creatively relate that information to their own experiences or organize the information in a variety of proven techniques or best practices. The versatility of the interactive notebook is only limited by the student or the teacher, therefore it has no limits. Throughout the year, I will post  a variety of engaging examples that I use in my classroom. You will be amazed how the interactive notebook reaches all of the learning styles in your classroom and allows students to personalize their learning. I am currently in the process of  gathering, organizing and explaining how I implement the activities I do throughout the year into a book. The left side of the notebook is for graphic organizers, charts,  stories, raps, poems, pictures and more. The right side is used for notes and teacher handouts (“input”)

Note: Successfully implementing the Interactive Notebook involves  extensive set-up and procedures but the pay-off is worth it.

Set up of the interactive notebook:

Biochemistry (Macromolecules) Activity

This week we began biochemistry. We focus on the structure,function, examples and pictures of the four macromolecules. I have developed an effective lesson that uses printable macromolecule boxes that my students really enjoy using. There are 3 different games/activities that  I use to help my students grasp this concept. This lesson is more than worth a try. It is easy, you will love this and so will the kids.