Macromolecule Activity

Do your students struggle with macromolecules?

I developed this macromolecule activity after reviewing our students scores on the state exam. Initially this was the lowest scoring area for students in my school and district (5 high schools). After implementing this activity this  standard was our student’s second highest scoring area.

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In this macromolecule activity, students use the macromolecule boxes and the the structure, function, building block (monomer) and pictures each each macromolecule.


In this macromolecule activity students will use the game cards to keep score and compete with each other. In addition there two other activities included to help students build their confidence with these critical bio-molecules.

Macromolecule Boxes

Using the macromolecule activity, an area that was once a weakness for my students on the state assessment became a strength.

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Check out the video. See how quickly you will be able to assess your students knowledge of the macromolecules.  Can you spot the errors?

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