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Enzyme Worksheet

In our enzyme unit we offer a variety of enzyme worksheets and other enzyme activities. Check out our free enzyme worksheet and other resources below.

(download your  enzyme worksheet… read below)

In the unit students complete the enzyme worksheet, enzyme lab and other enzyme activities so students will be able to label an enzyme, identify the factors that effect enzyme activity, perform a lab and report the results and draw conclusions  using a formal lab report.

Enzyme Worksheet
Download below

How is the unit structured?

When students enter the classroom they always ask or think “What are we doing today?”

Not in a USBT classroom!



Why? Because all of our units have a daily agenda that is made just for students. All you need to do is project the agenda. This is a major factor in helping you establish your procedures and expectations.

Get the students learning right away!Enzyme Daily Agenda

Bell Ringers

Bell ringers or warm ups are also included for every day of instruction. They are a little different each day and  your students will always have an engaging activity to start class.

Enzyme Video Bell Ringer

For this unit, we open with an enzyme video. After watching the video introduction, students complete their enzyme notes. Every unit we have includes power point notes for the and guided  notes for the students to complete while you go over the unit presentation.

guided notes

Within our guided student notes, students are able to follow along and the class can still move at a reasonable pace.

On the enzyme worksheet students label an enzyme and interpret graphs related to enzyme activity.


Hands-on Enzyme Lab!

In our unit students also complete an enzyme lab. In this lab students make qualitative observations to determine the effects of pH and temperature on the enzyme activity.Enzyme Lab


College Readiness Extension!

After the enzyme lab students can use our lab report rubric and guided template to produce a high quality lab report. Every year I have students come back to me and ask me for a copy of this guide so they can use it in their other classes to produce a lab report.

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Biology Lesson Plans

Macromolecules Worksheet


In our Full Biology Curriculum, we use a variety of macromolecules worksheets. One of the macromolecule worksheets that help the students organize the information is our macromolecule graphic organizer. Get  the Macromolecule Worksheet here.macromolecule worksheet

In this macromolecule worksheet students identify the elements, monomer, function and complete a sketch of each macromolecule.

After completing this macromolecule worksheet students are always referring back to it. It offers them a way to organize their thoughts and have a quick reference sheet.

My students love practicing the macromolecules using the macromolecule boxing activity. Check out my post about it here!

Here is a video showing the macromolecule boxes.

Get your Macromolecule Boxes and Two Weeks of Lessons Here!



Check this out too!

Students complete a fun macromolecule sidewalk chalk activity. It certainly beats having them create a poster.

Students love this activity. They just follow our macromolecule sidewalk chalk handout and are able to make excellent drawings. You can also grade it quickly and easily with our included rubric!

Macromolecule Activity

A Real “Gallery Walk”

In our Full Biology Curriculum, after students master the macromolecules they examine the stomach contents of a murder victim!

Biology Lesson Plans

If you like these activities and the macromolecule worksheet you will love or Full Biology Curriculum. It includes tons of awesome activities that are practical for the classroom.

Our lessons are written by award winning teachers and have every single day of your Biology class planned out and waiting for you.

Every detail of every day is done for you!


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Macromolecule Activity

Do your students struggle with macromolecules?

I developed this macromolecule activity after reviewing our students scores on the state exam. Initially this was the lowest scoring area for students in my school and district (5 high schools). After implementing this activity this  standard was our student’s second highest scoring area.

Click here to get your copy of the Macromolecule Activity

In this macromolecule activity, students use the macromolecule boxes and the the structure, function, building block (monomer) and pictures each each macromolecule.


In this macromolecule activity students will use the game cards to keep score and compete with each other. In addition there two other activities included to help students build their confidence with these critical bio-molecules.

Macromolecule Boxes

Using the macromolecule activity, an area that was once a weakness for my students on the state assessment became a strength.

This unit and activity is included with our Full Biology Curriculum that you can get here.

Check out the video. See how quickly you will be able to assess your students knowledge of the macromolecules.  Can you spot the errors?

If you like this activity share it with your teacher friends,

You will  also love our Full Biology Curriculum. Every unit is designed by real teachers who are still practicing teachers.

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Biology Curriculum


Properties of Water Worksheet

Properties of Water Worksheet

Properties of Water Worksheet

In this unit, the properties of water are explored. Students complete the properties of water worksheet while they explore the properties of water through our inquiry lab,

A great time to reinforce lab procedures!


In this hands on lab, students rotate through various stations looking at how water molecules interact with other molecules.  Students use the Properties of Water Lab Rotations to explore: adhesion, surface tension, the effects of detergent, capillary action, cohesion and how water interacts with oil and dye.

Properties of water worksheet

Students truly enjoy this!

In our Full Biology Curriculum, this inquiry lab is introduced early in the school year. In the lesson plan, the properties are introduced using our Properties of Water Presentation and Guided Notes that include the bell ringers for the students. Students then proceed to complete the inquiry lab. Throughout our entire curriculum the lesson design emphasizes procedures and variation to keep your students engaged and on task.

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Establish you procedures!

The inquiry lab and properties of water worksheet are a great way to start the unit because they allow the teacher to establish the procedures for rotating through the lab and lab conduct. Be sure to review them prior to working through this lab and follow through with any consequence you establish.

Get off to a good start with procedures, establish a solid foundation on the properties of water and get students engaged and actively learning with the with our  activities, worksheets and our Full Biology Curriculum.

Biology Curriculum

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Characteristics of Life Worksheet

Characteristics of Life Worksheet

Characteristics of Life Worksheet

As part of our unit on characteristics of life,  students complete the  this characteristics of life worksheet (see image below) where they identify each characteristic based on a description of a living organism demonstrating a characteristic of life.

Characteristics of LIfe Worksheet

Inquiry Introduction: Engage your students

In our characteristics of life unit students begin by observing a variety of specimens and having discussion about whether or not the specimen is abiotic or biotic. As students rotate through the stations they record their responses in the characteristics of life activity worksheet.

Your students will really enjoy this part. I always try to pick strange or unique specimens that I have lying around to help peak their interest and foster  good conversations.

The Best Part?

After the students complete the characteristics of life worksheet have a class discussion about what is considered biotic or abiotic.

You will be entertained by the justification of some of their responses and also able to identify and address  their misconceptions right away.

That’s not all…..

Have students complete the think pair share activity found in our Characteristic of Life presentation with the guided students notes. This will allow students to demonstrate their understand of the characteristics of life when sharing their responses with the class.

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Our full biology curriculum unit,  “What is Life” is great at getting students to think and have meaningful discussions. The  bell ringers, guided student notes, characteristics of life worksheets and activities will help your student truly understand what is living and why it is considered living.

There is more……


As part of the characteristics of life worksheet there is an awesome video that shows the evolution of bacteria in 10 days!

Get your full biology curriculum today and get the “What is Life” unit and 18 others all planned and organized for you. Our curriculum is teacher designed…..real currently practicing teachers. It is designed in a cohesive, logical manner that builds students up as they progress through the curriculum.

Full Biology Curriculum

Check out our post on our scientific method units!

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