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Cell Sidewalk Chalk Activity

Last week the weather broke and we had near record high temperatures for February. I decided to do an impromptu outdoor Cell Sidewalk Chalk Activity.  The students really enjoyed having the opportunity to get outside and so did I. They created some beautiful cell drawings (I am slightly bias) and labeled the functions using a color coded key. You can get a copy of the handout I created here. Enjoy!







Macromolecule Graphic Organizer

Macromolecule Graphic Organizer

One of my favorite units to teach is on macromolecules. When I introduce this topic I use this macromolecule graphic organizer to help students organize the information.

Click Here to Get your Macromolecule Graphic Organizer
Click Here to Get your Macromolecule Graphic Organizer


After introducing this concept I use one of my hands-on biochemistry boxing activities that I created and have for sale on Teachers Pay Teacher (4 Star rating!). I have several different activities that I use with the lesson. You can get the lesson plan (and others) and printable boxes free by signing up here. You will be emailed a link to the biochemistry boxing activity lesson plan and receive weekly post updates . The lesson plan includes:
-5 printable boxes and instructions for 3 games/activities.
-Score Cards
-Biochemistry Boxing Answer Key
-Macromolecule organizer – graphic organizer.
-4 exit tickets
-detailed lesson plans for 5-7 (50 min classes) days of instruction.

Boxing Collage 2


You will also get access to my printable cell organelle boxing activity and my lab report rubric and guide. Enjoy!

How to Differentiate Instruction for Gifted Students

How to  Differentiate Instruction for Gifted Students in Biology

One challenge that many teachers face is differentiated instruction for gifted and talented students. To have a classroom that is truly differentiated teachers need to address the learning need of all students. To do this, the gifted and talented students also need to remain engaged and challenged in the curriculum. One way to address this is with the use of a Compacting Plan. For a compacting plan the teacher examine their current curriculum and identifies content or skills that can be accelerated or eliminated after conducting a pre-assessment. When I complete a compacting plan I am sure to open the opportunity up to all of my students if they are able to achieve a certain score on the pre-assessment. It prevents accusations of being unfair and they may be some students who surprise you.  After determining what students are eligible you present them with the compacting plan. I have attached an example of a compacting plan that I have developed for the unit on cells a topic that many students are exposed to in middle school.  Check out my sample compacting plan on cells here.

Please comment below on strategies that you use to differentiate instruction for gifted and talented students.
How to Differentiate for Gifted Students
How to Differentiate for Gifted Students


Biology Cell Organelle Activity

To allow students to explore the part of the cell a gave the students a blank plant and animal cell along with a copy of the PPT on Cell organelles. Students were instructed to use the notes and other resources to identify the cell parts. Students were expected to color code their notes with the animal cell and the plant cell organelles. Any items in the notes that were not visible to label on the diagram were to be copied in pencil all other notes were to be written using the same color they used identify the organelle.This activity goes along well with my Cell Boxing Activity that you can have access to along with other free goodies here on my free lesson page.

Free Lessons

Free Biology Lesson Plans

Cells Lesson Plan

Free Biology Lesson Plans

Free Cell Lesson Plan (See Below)

In this activity we focus on the structure,function and pictures of the 6 cell organelles (chloroplast, mitochondria, ribosome, endoplasmic reticulum, golgi bodies, nucleus)  . I have developed an effective lesson that uses printable cell boxes that my students really enjoy using. There are 3 different games or activities that  I use to help my students grasp this concept. This lesson is more than worth a try. It is easy, you will love this and so will the kids.  It includes several hands-on, competitive and effective games I developed using printable boxes. There are 3 “Boxing” activities.cell-boxes-cover click here

Photosynthesis and Respiration

This week we returned from break to a 3 day week. I started the week by reviewing cells using a webquest. I then moved on to photosynthesis and respiration. I began class showing the student a gift I received for my birthday. The gift was an Eco-sphere. The concept of the Ecosphere was  developed in NASA’s jet propulsion laboratory. It is a completely closed off system that sustains  3  shrimp, algae and bacteria. It really got my students asking questions.