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A Quick Exit Activity

In this  exit activity, teachers can assess or pre-assess their students comfort level as they walk out of the door.

For this simple exit activity or pre-assessment activity all the teacher needs to do is draw and label the graph on the board.

The students are then able to walk up and place their “sticky note” in the column that represents how comfortable they are.

That quick the teacher has a graph of what would likely represent the distribution of scores if a quiz or test was given that day. Of course this all depends on the honesty of the students so encourage them to answer honestly.

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Prefixes and Suffixes with 9 Quizzes

Use these prefixes and suffixes help you students. One of the biggest struggles for students in Biology and Science is vocabulary. To help your students learn the foundations of many of the “big words” used in Biology, introduce them to these 90 prefixes and suffixes. I give the students 10 words each week. Depending on the class, I either assign them to learn on their own with a weekly quiz or we go over a few terms each day after the bell ringer and then quiz weekly. After we get through all 90 words I give them a quiz with 10 words chosen randomly from the first 45 words and another quiz the following week with 10 randomly chosen the remaining 45 words.

Update: I have made a Quizlet for the each set of first 45 and last 45 terms.

Here they are: I use these in the class with Quizlet live prior to the 1-45 and 46-90 quizzes.

1-45 prefixes and suffixes review on Quizlet

46-90 prefixes and suffixes review on Quizlet

Bonus: I have also created a Quizlet the includes the prefixes and suffixes but it applies them to Biology vocabulary terms.

Click Here for a Copy of the 90 Prefixes and Suffixes and 9 Quizzes




Graphing Worksheet

Graphing Worksheet

In this weeks free worksheet I wanted to share with you a graphing  worksheet. We all know our students need more time and practice graphing.

In this graphing worksheet  students watch the videos on graphing from Paul Anderson at Bozeman Science. Students follow along in the video and answer questions on the Graphing Worksheet that I created to go along with the videos. Students  create their own graph and compare it to the one in the video and record their differences.

This activity is a great way to introduce graphing to your students. Sometimes as teachers we just expect that students come to us with these skills but  we need to teach it to them or at least remind them of the proper way to set up and read a graph.

Graphing Wo

Graphing Practice Video 1:

Graphing Practice Video 2:






Biology Cell Organelle Activity

To allow students to explore the part of the cell a gave the students a blank plant and animal cell along with a copy of the PPT on Cell organelles. Students were instructed to use the notes and other resources to identify the cell parts. Students were expected to color code their notes with the animal cell and the plant cell organelles. Any items in the notes that were not visible to label on the diagram were to be copied in pencil all other notes were to be written using the same color they used identify the organelle.This activity goes along well with my Cell Boxing Activity that you can have access to along with other free goodies here on my free lesson page.

Free Lessons

Free Biology Lesson Plans

Cells Lesson Plan

Free Biology Lesson Plans

Free Cell Lesson Plan (See Below)

In this activity we focus on the structure,function and pictures of the 6 cell organelles (chloroplast, mitochondria, ribosome, endoplasmic reticulum, golgi bodies, nucleus)  . I have developed an effective lesson that uses printable cell boxes that my students really enjoy using. There are 3 different games or activities that  I use to help my students grasp this concept. This lesson is more than worth a try. It is easy, you will love this and so will the kids.  It includes several hands-on, competitive and effective games I developed using printable boxes. There are 3 “Boxing” activities.cell-boxes-cover click here