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Properties of Water Worksheet

Properties of Water Worksheet

Properties of Water Worksheet

In this unit, the properties of water are explored. Students complete the properties of water worksheet while they explore the properties of water through our inquiry lab,

A great time to reinforce lab procedures!


In this hands on lab, students rotate through various stations looking at how water molecules interact with other molecules.  Students use the Properties of Water Lab Rotations to explore: adhesion, surface tension, the effects of detergent, capillary action, cohesion and how water interacts with oil and dye.

Properties of water worksheet

Students truly enjoy this!

In our Full Biology Curriculum, this inquiry lab is introduced early in the school year. In the lesson plan, the properties are introduced using our Properties of Water Presentation and Guided Notes that include the bell ringers for the students. Students then proceed to complete the inquiry lab. Throughout our entire curriculum the lesson design emphasizes procedures and variation to keep your students engaged and on task.

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Establish you procedures!

The inquiry lab and properties of water worksheet are a great way to start the unit because they allow the teacher to establish the procedures for rotating through the lab and lab conduct. Be sure to review them prior to working through this lab and follow through with any consequence you establish.

Get off to a good start with procedures, establish a solid foundation on the properties of water and get students engaged and actively learning with the with our  activities, worksheets and our Full Biology Curriculum.

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