Characteristics of Life Worksheet

Characteristics of Life Worksheet

Characteristics of Life Worksheet

As part of our unit on characteristics of life,  students complete the  this characteristics of life worksheet (see image below) where they identify each characteristic based on a description of a living organism demonstrating a characteristic of life.

Characteristics of LIfe Worksheet

Inquiry Introduction: Engage your students

In our characteristics of life unit students begin by observing a variety of specimens and having discussion about whether or not the specimen is abiotic or biotic. As students rotate through the stations they record their responses in the characteristics of life activity worksheet.

Your students will really enjoy this part. I always try to pick strange or unique specimens that I have lying around to help peak their interest and foster  good conversations.

The Best Part?

After the students complete the characteristics of life worksheet have a class discussion about what is considered biotic or abiotic.

You will be entertained by the justification of some of their responses and also able to identify and address  their misconceptions right away.

That’s not all…..

Have students complete the think pair share activity found in our Characteristic of Life presentation with the guided students notes. This will allow students to demonstrate their understand of the characteristics of life when sharing their responses with the class.

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Our full biology curriculum unit,  “What is Life” is great at getting students to think and have meaningful discussions. The  bell ringers, guided student notes, characteristics of life worksheets and activities will help your student truly understand what is living and why it is considered living.

There is more……


As part of the characteristics of life worksheet there is an awesome video that shows the evolution of bacteria in 10 days!

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