Lab Report Rubric and Guide

During my ambitious first year of teaching I developed a lab report rubric that is about a detailed as it can get. It makes lab reports very easy to do and grade. It is based on 110 point scale. I spent at least 5 hours developing this rubric knowing I would use it the rest of my career. Simply click here  to gain access to a free copy and other free goodies. I hope it helps you.

You Are Your Best Substitute

We all have those days when we wake up feeling sick. Well, today was my day. I quickly thought about putting in for a substitute but  I hate asking for coverage on such short notice, it puts extra stress on everyone. I decided to drag myself to work after swallowing a variety of horse sized pills to sooth the pounding in my head from the stuffed sinuses. Today had to be a video day. They say you are your best substitute. My choice of video was “Super Size Me” the educational version. The video gave me an opportunity to  relate and revisit the scientific method, experimental design, biochemistry and bias.  I sometimes feel guilty for showing videos, but this was truly relevant and timely. Typically, I only show small video clips to supplement the instruction so my auditory/visual learners got a treat today.

Biochemistry (Macromolecules) Activity

This week we began biochemistry. We focus on the structure,function, examples and pictures of the four macromolecules. I have developed an effective lesson that uses printable macromolecule boxes that my students really enjoy using. There are 3 different games/activities that  I use to help my students grasp this concept. This lesson is more than worth a try. It is easy, you will love this and so will the kids.

Food Web Activity

This food web activity was an engaging one. Students were having in-depth conversations (almost arguments) about what certain animals eat.

It was very easy to assess what the students didn’t understand especially when they had an arrow indicating that the grass was eating the deer. 

Biology Teaching Resources

My Biology Classroom

Welcome to my website. I hope you find this website to be an extremely useful resource for teaching biology. I will continually update the website with useful information for fellow teachers. On this website you will find a variety of labs, activities, lesson plans, worksheet, readings assignment, quizzes, tests and writing assignments. I will continue to add new materials as I use them in my classroom and find time to add them. I will do my best to give you a look into my classroom with postings of the things we do in my class. I hope I will learn from my reader’s and they will learn from me. Remember, a good teacher is a reflective teacher.

A source for Biology lesson plans and resources.