Vocabulary and a Beach Ball

One of the biggest challenges for teaching biology is helping students learn the vocabulary that is foreign to them. I took to a beach ball to assess what the students knew about each of the macromolecules. Anytime you can get  a part of the beach into your classroom you need to take advantage of it. … Continue reading Vocabulary and a Beach Ball

Scientific Method Worksheet

Scientific Method Worksheet Why is teaching the scientific method so challenging?  Using these scientific method worksheets in sequence will help improve your students understanding. Why does the sequence matter? Teaching the scientific method offers several challenges. Using our sequence of scientific method worksheets and other scientific method practice activities your students will deepen their understanding … Continue reading Scientific Method Worksheet

Lesson 1- Experimental Design (Paper Folding)

  Using the Curriculum To begin, click on the lesson plan and follow the mapped out plan.  It is always recommended that you preview the content at least one day in advance to familiarize yourself with the content and have all of the necessary materials prepared. All of the documents referenced in the lesson plan … Continue reading Lesson 1- Experimental Design (Paper Folding)