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Prefixes and Suffixes with 9 Quizzes

Use these prefixes and suffixes help you students. One of the biggest struggles for students in Biology and Science is vocabulary. To help your students learn the foundations of many of the “big words” used in Biology, introduce them to these 90 prefixes and suffixes. I give the students 10 words each week. Depending on the class, I either assign them to learn on their own with a weekly quiz or we go over a few terms each day after the bell ringer and then quiz weekly. After we get through all 90 words I give them a quiz with 10 words chosen randomly from the first 45 words and another quiz the following week with 10 randomly chosen the remaining 45 words.

Update: I have made a Quizlet for the each set of first 45 and last 45 terms.

Here they are: I use these in the class with Quizlet live prior to the 1-45 and 46-90 quizzes.

1-45 prefixes and suffixes review on Quizlet

46-90 prefixes and suffixes review on Quizlet

Bonus: I have also created a Quizlet the includes the prefixes and suffixes but it applies them to Biology vocabulary terms.

Click Here for a Copy of the 90 Prefixes and Suffixes and 9 Quizzes