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Classroom Management

Classroom Management

One of my most successful tools in managing my class is the student intervention form. This form is great on so many levels.  The form requires me to conference with students whenever they are not following the classroom procedure.  It allows the student(s) to know that if expectations are not met they will conference with the teacher (step out of the room or to the back of the room). The form requires a signature as well. When students see the form the usual response is “What is this?” That is when I explain what happens next and they can see it on the form! They know I am documenting evidence of their behavior because they are apart of the processes. The best part of this classroom management practice (other than the fact that it works), is that when you get to the end and send the referral to the office, administration is going to see what has already been done with the students signature all over it. With this type of documentation your administrator is more likely to take real action. Though there are distinct levels on this form, I have skipped over steps depending on the level of the infraction. There are no rules for using it but I do know that when the students see it, it make the situation very real for them even if it is a minor infraction. It gets results when managing a classroom.

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