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Punnett Squares


Inheritance Patterns: Punnett Squares

Recently my class was finishing up the unit on genetics and learning how to do a variety of punnett squares.

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Prior to completing this punnett square activity students should have already have had exposure to examples, of complete dominance, incomplete dominance, co-dominance, multiple alleles and dihybrid crosses.








After students have had some practice with those punnet squares, this activity will serve as a review or a great gauge for your their understanding of the content.






In this activity,  students will complete each punnett square (1 through 6) in order. Student will only receive one punnett square at a time and will only get the next one when they have correctly completed the preceding punnett square with their partner or independently. I have found that students generate great conversation when working together to complete these punnett squares.








Each new punnett square will add a degree of difficulty as they progress through the activity. I walk around with folders that contain the problems. As they get them correct I give them the next problem.

If students complete the activity within 25 minutes I offer them a homework pass. The homework pass incentive takes their effort up a notch.









Student always enjoy this and the discussion that take places are amazing.

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Punnett Square Practice-Interactive Notebook

wpid-20130307_210610.jpgHere is an excellent set of  five punnett square practice problems students could complete after getting the basics down. I had my students color code them in their interactive notebooks.