How to Differentiate Instruction for Gifted Students

How to  Differentiate Instruction for Gifted Students in Biology

One challenge that many teachers face is differentiated instruction for gifted and talented students. To have a classroom that is truly differentiated teachers need to address the learning need of all students. To do this, the gifted and talented students also need to remain engaged and challenged in the curriculum. One way to address this is with the use of a Compacting Plan. For a compacting plan the teacher examine their current curriculum and identifies content or skills that can be accelerated or eliminated after conducting a pre-assessment. When I complete a compacting plan I am sure to open the opportunity up to all of my students if they are able to achieve a certain score on the pre-assessment. It prevents accusations of being unfair and they may be some students who surprise you.  After determining what students are eligible you present them with the compacting plan. I have attached an example of a compacting plan that I have developed for the unit on cells a topic that many students are exposed to in middle school.  Check out my sample compacting plan on cells here.

Please comment below on strategies that you use to differentiate instruction for gifted and talented students.
How to Differentiate for Gifted Students
How to Differentiate for Gifted Students


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