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Get Your Full Biology Curriculum

Full Biology Curriculum Available Tomorrow 8/10/2017 @ 9:00 A.M.

Tomorrow is the day we are opening the community and full access to the  biology curriculum. This is a beta opening and will be limited to only 50 founding members.  I will be sending an email as soon as it opens. If you would like to receive it but are not on our list. Register your email here!

Check out the video below with instructions on how to register tomorrow and a sneak peak inside the community.



Biology Lesson Plans- A Full Curriculum Coming Soon

Biology Lesson Plans-A Full Curriculum

Become a Founding Member:                                                            Limited Spaces Available- Available August 10th 2017


For teachers, by teachers Daily Agendas, Bell Ringers, Presentations, Guided Notes, Printables, Labs, Worksheets and Assessments. Bell-to-bell activities & Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) tied in!

Daily Opening Activities & Bell Ringers! 

  • Every biology lesson plans comes with opening activities/bell ringers that will help get your students quiet, focused and started before the bell rings.
  • Our opening activities and worksheets engage students and help them practice or review the content so you can easily assess their progress and make adjustments to help increase their performance.
  • We also include daily agendas for every lesson so you can avoid answering the “What are we doing?” question a thousand times a day. Students will know exactly what to expect out of the class period.

All  Biology Lessons Come with Detailed PowerPoint Presentations. 

  • No need to spend the countless hours it takes to create detailed presentations, they are already done for you.
  • Also included are guided notes so students can follow along and fill in the blanks!
  • Every biology PowerPoint is content rich with great pictures to that help reinforce the biology content.

Hundreds of Worksheets Including Labs, Hands on Activities!

  • USBiologyTeaching.Com has great activities that are going to keep your students engaged and learning. The lesson plans are rich with a variety of instructional practices that will help you improve your teaching craft.
  • Students need a variety of instructional strategies to keep them engaged, focused and learning. Engaged students are less likely to cause problems so you can focus on teaching instead of writing discipline referrals.
  • Great lab activities that will have your students loving biology and you loving your job as teacher. The lab activities are budget friendly for teachers who are not given a budget for their courses.

Great  Biology Videos and Instructional Technology!

  • Lessons include excellent short video clips that are pre-screened and will help your auditory/visual learners excel in biology.
  • Lessons include Quizlets already made with all of the vocabulary words so your students can use their devices to play quizlet live to review for their test/quiz or you can simply print the flash cards for your students from quizlet.

Daily Exit Activities, Test and Quizzes and Reviews 

  • Each unit includes a test with an answer key to help you quickly grade the assignments.
  • Tests are zipgrade friendly so you can simply hover your phone/device over the student bubble sheet and receive their score in seconds.
  • Lesson plans include a variety of exit activities to help you assess what your students have learned that day so you can easily make adjustment and help improve student learning.

A Community of Teachers 

  • Inside the members area you can connect to other biology teachers to chat, share ideas, worksheets/files and build relationships.

Take Back Your Life!

  • A common theme among all teachers is that there is never enough time to do what we need to do. USBiologyTeaching.Com is here to help you take back your life so you can enjoy your life after the last bell rings.
  • Improve your health. Spend more time with family. Go to the gym. Take leisurely strolls because you do not have to worry about planning anymore. We have done the work for you and have saved you hundreds of hours.


The Best Assessment Strategy to Increase Achievement in Biology

The Best Assessment Strategy to Increase Achievement in Biology

One of my favorite models for assessing students in Biology comes from my current district. Even throughout my Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction I have not seen a better method for assessing students and holding them to a high standard.

In the assessment model that we currently use in the Science department, we allow students to complete retakes on quizzes which consists of about one chapter/topic worth of content.

There are multiple versions of each quiz  i.e version a,b,c which are all the same questions just ordered differently for quiz and exam security and authenticity purposes.

Note: Students have been known to take pictures of quizzes/tests and sell them to other students. Be vigilant. NO PHONE or DEVICES when a quiz/exam is being used.

In addition there are re-quiz versions that are  mostly different questions with the same content. If a students fails a quiz and wants to improve their grade they can. However, students must complete test corrections and tutoring one day and re-quiz the following day. (ASSESSMENT FOR LEARNING)

Re-quiz  Procedures:
  • Students can only achieve up to a 90% on a re-quiz.
  • They can only re-quiz once.
  • For me, re-quizzes are slightly more difficult because I want them to know their stuff if they are going to make me put time into regrading I want them to know their stuff. I let them know they are slightly more difficult.
  • If they get a lower score they do not take the lower score but I mention that if it occurs more than once I may change that.
What can’t they redo?

After we cover a unit of study, usually 3 or 4 chapters/topics, we take a Unit Exam worth 3 about times more than a quiz grade. These are NOT able to be retaken. This is where students demonstrate what they know. (ASSESSMENT OF LEARNING)

The Unit Exams offer me the ability to say confidently that the student know their stuff if the get an A in my course which demonstrates mastery of the content.

This assessment model also holds them accountable for actually learning the content and even if they do not do well on a particular topic.

A 2-3 day review/reteaching is done prior to the exam through labs and various activities such as quizlet live and kahoot. Again, this is another opportunity for students to solidify their content knowledge or relearn areas they struggled in.

Pros and Cons
  • Students have an opportunity to improve their learning and their grade.
  • It is extremely helpful at parent conferences to have mention that re-quizzes are available to the student.
  • Increase pass rate for the state assessments.
  • Puts the pressure on the students to achieve and takes pressure off of the teacher if they do not.
  • Not all student care enough to take advantage of it.
  • Some students care too much about a single point to get to the 90% and you will have to regrade a whole quiz for one point!
  • It requires a lot of work and time up-front to create multiple versions of high quality assessments.
  • It requires a lot of regrading = more time. However, I rewrote many quizzes to use Zipgrade and it has saved tons of time.
  • Your school schedule may not easily accommodate time for tutoring and re-quizzes. We have a 30 minute study period built in.


What are your thoughts or strategies? Comment Below.

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Station Teaching

Station Teaching for Evolution:

When introducing evolution I like to use the station teaching model. I set up stations for collaboration, independent and teacher assisted or direct instruction. Each station is broken down into about 20 minute rotations and can span multiple days depending on your schedule, I am on a block schedule but have done this with traditional scheduling and it works well.

Collaborative: Students work together to examine skulls and the similarities and difference between them from an evolutionary perspective. Students will also color code homologous structures in the station.


I use any skull samples I have available.
I use any skull samples I have available.

Independent: I set up Ipads or laptops with headphones and have the students watch the by Nina Jablonski video on skin pigmentation and complete a video worksheet.

Direct or Teacher Assisted:

  • Each student will research an example of one piece of evidence for evolution.
  • Choices: fossil, anatomical, physiological, embryological, biochemical, and universal genetic code
  • Research for 10 minutes and gather information to share with the group.
  • Direct instruction where the students will use guided notes as the teacher presents an evidence-for-evolution  PowerPoint to a small group.

 Station Rotation Handout:Evolution-Stations


Evolution Video

Evolution Video on Skin Pigmentation:

This TED talk is one of my favorite to show students. It does a great job explaining how organisms evolve and how our own skin pigmentation is evidence for evolution. I use the video with this Video Worksheet to introduce evolution.


What Students Really Need To Hear

On the first day of school our student were shown a video about titled “What Students Really Need To Hear.” This may be a good video to include in your first day biology activities as a bell ringer. It is motivational video that can hopefully help encourage your students to get off to a great start.


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You Are Your Best Substitute

We all have those days when we wake up feeling sick. Well, today was my day. I quickly thought about putting in for a substitute but  I hate asking for coverage on such short notice, it puts extra stress on everyone. I decided to drag myself to work after swallowing a variety of horse sized pills to sooth the pounding in my head from the stuffed sinuses. Today had to be a video day. They say you are your best substitute. My choice of video was “Super Size Me” the educational version. The video gave me an opportunity to  relate and revisit the scientific method, experimental design, biochemistry and bias.  I sometimes feel guilty for showing videos, but this was truly relevant and timely. Typically, I only show small video clips to supplement the instruction so my auditory/visual learners got a treat today.

Biology Teaching Resources

My Biology Classroom

Welcome to my website. I hope you find this website to be an extremely useful resource for teaching biology. I will continually update the website with useful information for fellow teachers. On this website you will find a variety of labs, activities, lesson plans, worksheet, readings assignment, quizzes, tests and writing assignments. I will continue to add new materials as I use them in my classroom and find time to add them. I will do my best to give you a look into my classroom with postings of the things we do in my class. I hope I will learn from my reader’s and they will learn from me. Remember, a good teacher is a reflective teacher.