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Mealworm Inquiry Lab

This week my students have been working on the Mealworm Inquiry Lab. In this lab, students apply everything they have learned about experimental design by creating their own experiment using mealworms (Superworms actually). Superworms can be purchased at the local pet store and are great for this activity. The Superworms do not jump on the kids and they move slow enough to easily control. They also have an interesting life cycle that the students learn about in their research.  In this inquiry lab, students make observations, conduct research, develop a question, identify variables, create a hypothesis, create procedures,  create choice chambers for their experiment, collect data, analyse data and draw a conclusion based on their results.


Here are some example of their set up:

Note: About 40% of the students in this class have an IEP. The experiments were not perfectly controlled but this lab offers so much opportunity to address their weakness through questioning.














I have the students create a lab report when they are finished using my lab report rubric and guide

Lab Report Rubric and Guide

During my ambitious first year of teaching I developed a lab report rubric that is about a detailed as it can get. It makes lab reports very easy to do and grade. It is based on 110 point scale. I spent at least 5 hours developing this rubric knowing I would use it the rest of my career. Simply click here  to gain access to a free copy and other free goodies. I hope it helps you.