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Food Web Activity

Food Web Activity

In this hands-on food web activity, students use manipulatives to correctly arrange the food web using the descriptions of the organisms provided. After students correctly arrange the food web they have to identify the trophic levels and the energy levels based on the given energy units. In addition, I have students identify the carnivores, omnivore, herbivores, parasites, consumers and heterotrophs. This activity is great for a review or teaching the content to them the first time. There is a worksheet that goes along with it. It is amazing how much students do not remember even though they have had this concept in the middle school. All of the misconceptions are exposed during this activity. Check out the video I use below to introduce the topic and engage my students. It is incredible.

Get the printable version of this activity here






Battle at Kruger

Each year I use this video to introduce ecology. It definitely is one of the most engaging videos I show. Watch it all the way through. So much happens!

Food Web Activity

This food web activity was an engaging one. Students were having in-depth conversations (almost arguments) about what certain animals eat.

It was very easy to assess what the students didn’t understand especially when they had an arrow indicating that the grass was eating the deer.