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        My Name is Brad. I am a Biology teacher who happens to teach a variety of other subjects.  I am a ninth year teacher currently in PA. I have my Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. I have worked in the metropolitan D.C. area for six years where I learned how to serve and effectively teach underprivileged students from diverse backgrounds.
      I received the Exemplary Employee of the Year Award in a district with over 1200 teachers as a result of my  instructional design that led to a significant increase in Biology scores. Our school moved from second worst to second best (out of six schools) within two years of my leadership with a focus on instructional design.
 The purpose of this website is for biology teachers to share ideas, resources and to help teachers who are strapped for time or need an idea on how to teach Biology effectively.
Throughout my Master’s Degree the number one complaint that came up every course was  TIME!
To save you time and help you enjoy year career as a Biology teacher, we have created this Full Biology Curriculum. Check it out!


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The apple tree I am pictured with here was a gift from my students. Everyday between classes during their “Snack Time” I eat an apple. The students were convinced I had an apple tree in the prep room or the greenhouse. I assured them I did not, so they got me one! I was eating the apple when they gave it to me.  It made my year.




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