Cellular Respiration Worksheet

In our Full Biology Curriculum students complete a variety of activities to help them understand cellular respiration. Using our cellular respiration worksheet and other activities your student will master process of cellular respiration.


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Using our Full Biology Curriculum, you will start by  engaging your students using a demonstration of the chemical indicator BTB (Bromothymal Blue). Students will be puzzled when you complete this demo and ask them what caused the color of the BTB to change.


Engage you Students!

After grabbing your students attention, you will introduced the topic using the Cellular Respiration Presentations and guided student notes that are included with all of our units in our Full Biology Curriculum.

cellular respiration worksheet

Next your students will practice applying what they learned by completing the cellular respiration worksheet that you can download below.

Let your Students Explore!

After gaining some understanding of cellular respiration your students will complete the Exercise and Cellular Respiration Lab where they will observe the effects of exercise on the rate of cellular respiration.Cellular Respiration Lab

Elaboration and Explanation

Next, your students will Use a model (or skit, story, rap, poem) to illustrate that cellular respiration is a chemical process whereby the bonds of food molecules and oxygen molecules are broken and the bonds in new compounds are formed, resulting in a net transfer of energy.

cellular respiration activity


What is Even Better?

You will be able to easily grade this using the rubric and answer keys provided in our Full Biology Curriculum. All of our units also include quizlets/flashcards that are already done to help your students better prepare for the assessment (yes, assessment and answer keys are included too).


Save time, Take back your life, enjoy teaching with our Full Biology Curriculum!


Photosynthesis Worksheet


In our Full Biology Curriculum, students complete several photosynthesis worksheets, labs and activities to help them build their knowledge of photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis Lesson Plans
Get your photosynthesis worksheet below.

Engage your students

In our Full Biology Curriculum, students are asked to ponder some very simple questions with some not so simple answers.  Your student will engage in some thought provoking discussion about energy.

Purposeful Guided Notes

Next your students will be guided through  the photosynthesis presentation where they will be able to easily follow along with the guided student notes that are provided in all of our units.

Photosynthesis Worksheet

The photosynthesis worksheet that you can download below will help your students learn and understand the function of chloroplasts in creating glucose and storing energy.

Photosynthesis Worksheet

In the photosynthesis worksheet students will investigate formulas reactants and products for photosynthesis.

Student will also use the photosynthesis worksheet to practice labeling various structures and components of the chloroplast. (outer membrane,  inner membrane, granum, stroma, thylakoid, lumen, CO2, H2O, O2, NADPH, NADP+, ATP, ADP)

Photosynthesis Worksheet


Photosynthesis Lab

Throughout the Photosynthesis Unit  student will complete a photosynthesis lab using spinach leaves to measure the rate of photosynthesis in different conditions.

Photosynthesis Model Building Activity

With our Full Biology Curriculum your students will create a model  to illustrate how photosynthesis transforms light energy into stored chemical energy.

This model building activity will allow your students to process everything they learned through the unit. Students will design and present a model. The included rubric makes it easy for you to grade.

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Cell Transport Worksheet

In our Full Biology Curriculum  your students will work through a variety of cell transport worksheets that will help your students build confidence and truly understand  the concept of cell transport.

Cell Transport Worksheet
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The curriculum starts with a demonstration that will allow your students to understand how molecules move from a high concentration to a low concentration.

“Thank you so much for these resources! They are incredible!” – Janice 

In this free cell transport worksheet students have to identify which concentration of salt each blood cell was placed in.

Students are also presented with guided notes that will allow you to work through the notes at reasonable pace. Throughout the guided notes students learn about both passive and active transport.


“These resources are fantastic for practical application in the classroom!”-Krystal 

Cell transport

Each day your students will complete a bell ringer and reinforce the lessons using cell transport worksheets and exit activities that will help them review the cell transport lesson from the day.


Students also explore cell transport using our popular lab where students investigate the impact of salt on plant cells using a real life scenario. You can get instant access to all of our cell transport activities and entire curriculum with a few clicks.


You are the BEST place for resources I have ever found -thank you,thank you!!! ❤ -Therese



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Cell Organelle Worksheet

Do your students struggle learning about the cell?

In our Full Biology Curriculum, students complete a variety of cell organelle worksheets and activities to help them learn cell structure and function. Check out our popular cell boxing activity post!

Included in our Full Biology Curriculum

Do I even need to teach them about cells and their organelles?

If you ask your students if they have heard of cells they will likely say yes. They may even shout out words like mitochondria, chloroplast and nucleus.

For a moment you may even think…..I do not have to teach them cells. They know it! I will finally be able to make up some time and get all of the content in before our state assessment this year.

Not So Fast!

Pump the brakes!!! Give those students a pre-assessment to apply those words they yelled out and you will likely find they have no clue! Let’s chalk it up to the summer break and dig in to teaching them about cells.

In our Full Biology Curriculum students start off analyzing a picture of some cork cells under a microscope. A picture of the same cells Robert Hooke viewed when he coined the term “cell” that we use today.



Next, our students complete a microscope lab where they view a different types of cells under the microscope and fill in their cell worksheet as they complete the lab.

Cell Organelle Worksheet

Students also complete our cell boxing activity to help them get some extra practice with the main cell organelles structures and functions.


cell organelle worksheetWithin our curriculum, students practice labeling the cell on the cell organelle worksheet,  identifying the differences between chromosomes, chromatin and microscope labeling.


Students also have a blast going outside and creating diagrams of cells and organelles in our cell sidewalk chalk activity!

Download the cell organelle worksheet using the button above to and get started teaching your students about cells. If you want every day of lessons for your entire year of Biology check out our Biology Curriculum.  It includes everything you need for the entire year with detailed plans on how to teach it!



Check out our two weeks of free lesson plans with every minute planned out for you. If you like this you will love our Full Biology Curriculum.


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Enzyme Worksheet

In our enzyme unit we offer a variety of enzyme worksheets and other enzyme activities. Check out our free enzyme worksheet and other resources below.

(download your  enzyme worksheet… read below)

In the unit students complete the enzyme worksheet, enzyme lab and other enzyme activities so students will be able to label an enzyme, identify the factors that effect enzyme activity, perform a lab and report the results and draw conclusions  using a formal lab report.

Enzyme Worksheet
Download below

How is the unit structured?

When students enter the classroom they always ask or think “What are we doing today?”

Not in a USBT classroom!



Why? Because all of our units have a daily agenda that is made just for students. All you need to do is project the agenda. This is a major factor in helping you establish your procedures and expectations.

Get the students learning right away!Enzyme Daily Agenda

Bell Ringers

Bell ringers or warm ups are also included for every day of instruction. They are a little different each day and  your students will always have an engaging activity to start class.

Enzyme Video Bell Ringer

For this unit, we open with an enzyme video. After watching the video introduction, students complete their enzyme notes. Every unit we have includes power point notes for the and guided  notes for the students to complete while you go over the unit presentation.

guided notes

Within our guided student notes, students are able to follow along and the class can still move at a reasonable pace.

On the enzyme worksheet students label an enzyme and interpret graphs related to enzyme activity.


Hands-on Enzyme Lab!

In our unit students also complete an enzyme lab. In this lab students make qualitative observations to determine the effects of pH and temperature on the enzyme activity.Enzyme Lab


College Readiness Extension!

After the enzyme lab students can use our lab report rubric and guided template to produce a high quality lab report. Every year I have students come back to me and ask me for a copy of this guide so they can use it in their other classes to produce a lab report.

If you like these activities, you will love our Full Biology Curriculum. Everything you need for your year of teaching Biology is already done for you. Check it out!

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